When Ernestina moved back to Bolinas from Gustine she returned to the rented house in Paradise Valley, up the hill from the cemetery, in 1921-1922.  Tony, Rose, Polly and George came with her and continued their schooling in Marin County. John and Lili stayed as a couple in the valley, and in 1921, John Valentine Foster was born on February 14, 1921 in Newman at the house of Ernestina’s nephew, Manuel Brazil. Mary remained in Gustine, boarding with a family, and finished high school in the first graduating class. Tony and Rose went on to Tamalpias High School in Mill Valley and Polly and George continued their studies at the Bolinas School. John and Lili stayed as a couple in the valley, and in 1921, John Valentine Foster was born in Newman at the house of Ernestina’s nephew, Manuel Brazil.

(At some point Manuel George became just “George.” Evidently the story goes that there were two many Manuels’ in his class and middle names had to be used to reduce the confusion for the teacher).

After graduation from high school, Tony took a job as a bus driver and Rose went on to San Francisco State College to become a teacher. Mary was enrolled at California School of Arts and Crafts in Oakland and she and Rose shared an apartment in San Francisco with another friend, Marion Hogan.

Ernestina married for the third and last time in 1926 and moved to Nord, California to live with her husband, Antone Quadros. This marriage unfortunately did not survive, as Ernestina felt that the Quadros oldest girl Marie, who had taken over the job of raising her younger siblings, resented her as a step-mother. Ernestina said that two women could not live in the same house and she returned to Bolinas before the Quadros children’s and her relationship was permanently damaged.

In 1927, the decision to live alone again, entailed another move. Ernestina with Polly and George made the decision to rent an apartment in her son John’s home in Santa Cruz. Her plans were to build a home in San Rafael and she had to live somewhere while the home was constructed. Polly graduated from Santa Cruz High School, George continued in school and later graduated from San Rafael High after the move to San Rafael.

It was in Bolinas that Mary, Rose and Polly met their future husbands. Mary met John McCormick when he was delivering oil and gas to the Bolinas ranches for Standard Oil. Rose met Norvell, who was working as a radio operator at the RCA in Bolinas along with Nelson Poe. All three couples went on to marry.  Mary and John and Rose and Norvell in 1926, and Polly and Nelson in 19–, after Polly’s graduation from San Francisco State as a teacher. Nelson was enrolled in University of California Berkeley with the idea of become a physician. Polly became a teacher, teaching in San Francisco, and Marshall.

About Polly

Born in San Francisco in 1933, married in 1951, moved to Santa Clara County. We had three girls, and then moved to Marin County and had two more children a boy and a girl. in 1986 we moved to Sonoma County.I became a nurse at the age of forty after many years of night school while having children and raising them. I have worked in hospitals, and in Quality Management since I left the hospital setting. I am interested in cataloging my ancestors, quilting, sewing, and reading. I have several dogs and am still working part -time from my home for a non-profit health plan provider. I am a now widowed, all of our children live close by and we get together often. I am busy all the time with many projects. At 78, I feel that there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything I want to do.
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