My Ancestors

I am starting this blog about my ancestors, those who have gone before me. The reason is so my decedents get the stories straight.  When I mention certain stories to my children they are interested, but inevitably when repeating to others they get it all mixed up. The confusion crosses maternal and paternal lines and all the antidotes that I have related become imagined happenings that actually never happened. Or, if they did are attributed to the wrong relatives. I am going to attempt to bring these ancestors alive again so my children will get to know them as I knew them; all their successes and failures that I heard about or witnessed. These will be short stories of certain aspects of their lives. I will start with my maternal grandmother who I think of often and admire for her courage, fortitude, and common sense. The disclaimer is that these stories are from my perspective and what I remember of what was told to me about happenings before my time. They are as true as my memory and may be interpreted by others differently, but as my father used to say, “That’s good e’nuf, Polly.”

About Polly

Born in San Francisco in 1933, married in 1951, moved to Santa Clara County. We had three girls, and then moved to Marin County and had two more children a boy and a girl. in 1986 we moved to Sonoma County.I became a nurse at the age of forty after many years of night school while having children and raising them. I have worked in hospitals, and in Quality Management since I left the hospital setting. I am interested in cataloging my ancestors, quilting, sewing, and reading. I have several dogs and am still working part -time from my home for a non-profit health plan provider. I am a now widowed, all of our children live close by and we get together often. I am busy all the time with many projects. At 78, I feel that there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything I want to do.
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